Sunday, May 1, 2011

Kitchen Appliances

Notice anything different about our kitchen?

Extremely nice and totally awesome family members of ours recently got rid of their white kitchen appliances. They are really nice appliances, and only a few years old. Definitely better than what we had. (Read: I now have a double oven. Yessssssss!)

However, we were planning on getting chrome and black appliances soon, and if you remember, we bought a chrome and black dishwasher only a few months ago. Since the price was oh-so-right on these wonderful hand-me-downs, obviously we took them off their hands and are not buying chrome and black appliances soon.

So, I need some help! Anyone have a suggestion or recommendation for a dishwasher cover? I tried "Appliance Art", but I am NOT NOT NOT happy with the cover they sent us - it doesn't wrap around the dishwasher and honsetly just looks silly. So I am considering using high-quality stick-on vinyl (if I can find it in the dimensions that I need) . . . or just leaving it be.

What do you all think? To cover or not to cover? That is the question! It's not bothering me too much, but I would really like a nice cover if possible, so any help would be appreciated! Plus the folks that we took these from have a chrome-and-black kitchen with a white dishwasher, so any info you all could share would be helping them out too.

Until next time . . .


Jadrien said...

Ooo! Double oven?!! Nice! :-)

jen said...

I can buy your dishwasher off of you if you find a white one!