Sunday, May 1, 2011

Nora's 20-Month Update!

Well, the twenty-month milestone is marked by one specific thing: TEETH! Nora's getting a lot of them lately! It's what we all thought: she's getting them all at once. This month there is a front tooth through and another molar. I took a funny picture of her the other day, and this is a close-up of the face she was making:

You can see one of her teeth is almost all the way through, and you can even see another under the gums! Wahooooooooo!!

Nora is talking almost all the time in complete sentences, which is awesome! Her favorites are "I'll get it!" and "How are you?" and lots of copying everyone. She also likes to sing! She can sing the ABC's pretty well for her age, and loves to sing songs that she hears on TV. This is great except she is getting them confused together! For example, today she sang the ABC's and the end of it went something like this: " . . . Q, R, S, TEEEEEEM-WORK!" Can you tell she likes the Wonder Pets? :) She also likes to sing Dora's theme song, and has made up her own song already too! She hugs me around the neck, rocks me back forth, and sings "Wuuuuuuuuuuuv you, Wuuuuuuuuuuuv you . . . " It's the cutest. thing. EVER!

She's still really tall, and wearing 2T size clothes. This month she has been eating us out of house and home! Must be a growth spurt or something. She also runs or dances everywhere she goes, and she is always on the go! She loves to go outside and play in the sand or water, so this summer will be fun at the beach.

She's doing well on potty training! She will usually spend the morning dry, and has gone poop on the potty a few times now. We are considering trying Pull-Ups if she continues to do so well. She is going right now almost every time on the potty, with only one or two wet diapers per day. So, we'll see!

She has been learning her colors this month. She knows most of them now, and she likes yellow and pink. She also has been working on counting and can count to 10 all by herself (although she usually skips 7). She also recognizes the words mommy, daddy, cat, bear, and hi. We are also working on duck, dog, and baby.

She is going through a lot of "attitude" phases lately. On any given day if you ask her a question, she will have days where no matter what you ask her, she will say "No!" However, the next day every question will be "Yes!" That makes it hard to tell what she really wants, because it may be a "No" day, or a "Yes" day. She has also learned about possession - she likes to say "Mine!" So, typical toddler really!

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