Monday, May 9, 2011

Fish Fry/Mother's Day

Many of you know this, but my husband Cory serves on the volunteer fire department out where we live. This past weekend they held their annual Fish Fry. It's a big deal in our house because Cory's in charge of it. I also usually make some desserts to sell, and this year was no exception. Here's what I made this year:

*Two Peanut Butter Brownie Pizzas (which were a HUGE hit. I got asked for the recipe twice.)
*Five Pies
*Apple Crisp

Cory also took the day off work to go run the Fish Fry. He did so well. :)

Mother's Day started off with church for Nora and I, and then we ate out at Peel with my mom, my sister Rachel, and her husband Billy. Peel has wood-fired pizza and it's VERY good. After that, we headed home and just chilled out. We enjoyed the nice weather, and had a good meal of baked potatoes and hot dogs. :) I personally loved my handmade cards from Cory and Nora (so cute.) I am also glad we got some family time to just relax because this week looks as busy as the last!

I will update later this week on the progression of our downstairs room. :) Stay tuned!

Until next time . . .

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