Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Gray's Four Month Update

I'm Grayson and I'm four months old! Woo hoo!

Gray remains a joy to be around, for sure. He still loves to talk (and sometimes YELL). He gets over setbacks really quickly, which is really nice and totally unexpected after having Nora. ;) He's patient and goes-with-the-flow really easily, but still has a temper when he gets mad. He's a very good little boy.

He started cereal this week and OHMYGOODNESSWASsoREADY!! He doesn't love it, but is doing pretty well nonetheless. His first cereal he swallowed right away, so that shocked us! He's always been a very good eater, and this month is no exception. He started to suck on his fingers and thumb a lot more recently, but he doesn't need to do that in order to fall asleep so that's good. He still sleeps great through the night, and he was sleeping really well during the day as well until recently when he became ready for cereal. We will see if adding the cereal helps him go back to sleeping well. He was sleeping 45 minutes in the morning, 2.5-3 hours in the afternoon, and 30-40 minutes each evening this past month and that worked for him really well.

This month Gray started rolling from side-to-side and has almost rolled from back-to-front a few times. He still loves to stand up best of all, but will sometimes sit and play as well. He plays a lot on the floor on his back or his belly (although he just went though a period where he would NOT play on his belly for about three weeks because it would cause him to throw up a lot.) He also spends about 15 minutes or so at a time in his exersaucer, and 20-30 minutes in the baby rocker. His favorite thing is to have someone hold him while he stands and tries to jump. He's even taken a step here and there! He's very steady on his feet now.

Gray's 4-month doctor appointment went well. He's 26.75 inches and weighs a whopping 17 pounds, 1 ounce! She said he is as developed as an average 6 month old, so that's great. She said he was very strong and friendly. :) (I agree!) His only concerns this month were his eczema and acid reflux. Hopefully he won't need a prescription for either because the eczema responds well to hydro-cortisone, and cereal should help with his reflux. He got two shots today and an oral vaccine. He screamed for the last shot, but smiled at the nurse through his tears. What a trooper!

Here are a few more pics of Gray from recently:

He's truly a blessing. :) Until next time! . . .