Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Decor and Santa Visit

The tree, decorated almost completely by my very, VERY excited three year old. Wouldn't have it any other way!

The photo bar, with my birthday cards in the shutter.

Shelves, with Christmas photo cards and the snowman countdown.

The mantle, complete with a brand-new baby stocking for Gray. Hopefully I will have new stockings next year! ;)

More Christmas cards on display, plus a vinyl quote with my kids photos.

Merry Christmas! :)

Until next time . . .

Monday, December 3, 2012

Gray's One Month Update

Guess who's already a month old??!!

Little wiggly man! These were the best photos I could get, lol. Until - you bring big sister into the picture and she starts reading Gray a book ...

Then suddenly we have a happy little ham. :) Their relationship is TOO adorable already. He just loves to look at her right now ...

... and she's so proud of him. :) Plus both of them are as silly as they come!

Anyway, it's flat out cruel how fast kids grow up, isn't it? A month ago I could barely walk and was sleep-walking my way through life, but now Gray's almost got himself on a flat out SCHEDULE. Seriously, he's amazing. After a week and a half, he figured out night and day and started giving mommy some pretty decent sleep - and THEN he went ahead and decided to always sleep for few hours right at one o'clock when big sister goes down! Can I get a hallelujah??!! Every night is not perfect - sometimes it takes him an hour to wake up enough to eat, sometimes it takes him an hour to go back to sleep - but most times he wakes up, we eat, he goes right back to sleep, and we do it all again about 4 hours later. BOO-YAH.

At the doctor today he measured up at 22.5 inches (80%), weighed in at 12 pounds, 12.5 ounces (off-the-charts), and his head circumference was 15.25 inches (70%). He's technically 5 weeks today, but that is 1.75 pounds larger than sister was at her 1-month check-up. Whoa baby! Anyway, there was nothing special about this check-up - he got a shot, but that's about it. He actually did really good during his shot, but he holds a grudge like sister does. ;)

Personality-wise, Grayson is getting to be less crabby and more happy. He likes to be on his belly when he's not too tired, and he recently started sleeping in his cradle. He has some nasal-issues recently, and I have to clean out his nose a lot with the aspirator. The doctor gave me some saline for him as well and that has been working out great today. He's currently working on taking a bottle - he doesn't love it, which is odd because he took one for the first week of his life! I should have been more on top of that I guess. He's getting one bottle of formula every other day or so. He likes to play, and bats around at his toys. Every so often he smiles as well. :) It's not very frequent, but I usually get one baby-smile per day. I caught him smiling at his toys today too. ;)

That's about it! :) Congrats to me, Cory, and Nora for making it through the first month of big change!! Until next time . . .