Thursday, May 26, 2011

Basement Renovation Update!

Kelsey's Room is about donnnnnnnnnnnnne!! Yay!! (All photos taken with my cell phone, so please excuse the quality.)

Coming into the room.

Best shot I could get of the carpet and paint.

Light fixture.

Window boxes!!

The carpet was installed yesterday, so that means after a short laundry list of to-dos, we can stamp "DONE!" on this room. Since the carpet was installed yesterday, of course my family and I had to go in there and "inspect" it . . . for about 45 minutes . . . in which we really just laid on the floor and played with Nora! :)

Nora sitting on daddy and shaking her hands all around!

"Sleeping" . . . :)

Taking in the new room . . .

Reaching for the light.

So this is probably the last post about this room for now! I think it turned out just perfect - it's a room that can be used for anything once Kelsey moves out, and it should serve her well while she is living there. What do you think?

Everyone have a great and safe Memorial Day weekend. Until next time . . .

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