Monday, January 10, 2011

Update on the Re-Do, etc.!

New dishwasher is here! YAY! It's wonderful! It took Cory and I a few tries to get the hang of working it, but we've got it down now. I personally cannot believe how QUIET it is compared to the old one! The noise has literally been cut down to at least a quarter of what it was before. It's so amazing! Plus it matches the rest of the kitchen. Bonus. :)

We haven't really gotten a whole lot done on the mudroom this week. I attribute it to this section right here:
This section was difficult to edge. It's hard to see, but there are stairs at the bottom of this picture. For me, little-miss-afraid-of-heights, it was impossible. Earlier in this paint job, I got up on a step stool that was near those steps, and I was shaking so bad that it was difficult to hold a paintbrush steady. So . . . the task fell to Cory to edge this part. We tried to figure out a safe way to do it, but in the end he just had to kneel on the ledge and brace himself over the stairs to paint it. There are no pictures of him edging this area because I was holding his paint tray and brushes, praying that he would not fall, and on-call to call 911 in case he did.

However, painting the wall corner was kind of fun for me because I had to fashion a way to do it with our roller extender pole. I ended up zip-tying a regular paintbrush to the extender pole to get into that corner. It was interesting to say the very least, but hey - it worked! :)

What else . . . I am working on a bunch of different crafty projects . . . mostly in my head though! I haven't had much craft time now that Nora is taking one nap per day, and also since I have been trying to study Spanish in my free time in preparation for my trip to El Salvador. Here's what I am going to try and finish before I leave (HA!):

1.) Recycled Spice Jars
2.) Knit a second arm warmer (one completed).
3.) Color magnets for Nora.
4.) Spring countdown blocks.
5.) Possibly a spring banner with some cutouts that I bought for a dollar at Michael's.
6.) Valentines.
7.) Flower pots for outside bench.
8.) Hopefully find cheap, cute fabric for book slings. I cannot bring myself at this moment to spend nearly $10/yard for the fabric I really want so I am on a mission to find cheaper fabric. I might not find anything, but I have plenty of time to find it!

Until next time . . .

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justjen said...

On the mission trip to Mexico, we where int he same boat as the picture above if not worse... (we taped a paint brush to a roller extender to trim). It was hilarious.
I think you are so cute. I so need to manage my time much better. I am longing for some spare time to do some fun crafts. It's been so long I can feel my creativity shrinking. :(
When you get back, definitely time to schedule some craft nights maybe! ;)