Friday, January 28, 2011

Work on the mudroom

So, I just thought I would update you all on the progress of our mudroom:

We had been putting off work on the mudroom because our old computer decided to go ka-put on us. If you are keeping track, that is the second appliance that has gone out on us this year so far. And it's not even February yet! Anyway, we put off work on the mudroom because Cory bought this new computer and was very busy building it; while I was watching Nora, making food, keeping up with housework, doing laundry, and all the usual stuff that needs done. As you can imagine, there was no time slot in there for either of us to do any work on the mudroom.

So this week, we finally rolled the walls. I was so relieved because I was worried that the color would look pink. But it's definitely lilac:

I am really digging it all together like that. The dark plum color is the perfect coordinating color.

Now Cory will be moving on to flooring while I am gone, but before I leave we need to pick it out. We are definitely tiling, but we're not really sure what color tile to put in there just yet. After looking at the color of the paint, I was thinking a dark grey-toned flooring, but the counter for the soon-to-be-plum-colored cabinet is beige. The counter will not be replaced, but possibly could be painted if needed. The metal in the room will all be black (black hooks on the wall, and probably black hardware on the cabinet.) I am thinking of just keeping everything easy: going with a beige floor to match the counter. As you can see, the floor is currently greyish, and it doesn't look good. Anyone have a thought on this?

Also, after seeing this painted wall paper tutorial, I am seriously thinking about doing this in plum on the back wall (the wall with the door on it, behind the appliances in the picture.) Why this wall? Because you can see it directly when looking through the door into the room. No really - because it's the smallest wall without any stairs! :) I could do the left side wall, but that will already be busy with hooks and possibly shelves on it eventually, maybe even a vinyl decal or two. Plus, I am not a glutton for punishment!! - that wall would take FOR-EV-ER to paint with a pattern. Either way, if I do this it will not get done until I am back from El Sal, so I have plenty of time to think about it - and talk Cory into it, if needed. :)


Until next time . . .

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Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I think go with something closer to the counters. However, I've seen some really pretty tile that has grey and tans in the veining. Maybe get the best of both worlds?

Love your new blog design.