Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend, Warmers, Sling . . .

This weekend I realized something: I will be out of the country on Super Bowl Sunday. DOH! And here I was, planning my first Super Bowl party and everything. (Because for some reason, this year we not only watched a little football on TV, but also went to TWO Rams games. This is very out of the ordinary.)

Anyway, so that's why this weekend we invited over my sister and her husband on Sunday to watch some playoff football, eat some wings, drink a few beers, and have some dinner. Minus the party, it really wasn't all that different than the Super Bowl for me. Oh yeah - no Black-Eyed Peas either! Of course, I probably could have rectified that by turning on Z107.7 or something (is it even still Z107.7? . . . )

This weekend I was able to get a little crafting done as well. I mentioned last week how I got a huge chunk of my arm warmers knitted, and Friday night I was able to sit and finish them while Cory played video games. And . . . TA-DA!:
I attribute my completion of these to my awesome knitting teacher. Though now there's only one problem: what to knit next?? Anyone got any good ideas?? I guess I will be heading over to Ravelry today . . .

Saturday during nap time I attempted to de-rust the plant stand I was working on. Not sure that is EVER going to happen. There is rust under the fading paint that the rust retardant was unable to get to, and I am not willing to sand the whole thing. So I may have to scrap that project . . . but we'll see. Maybe I will get to it after I get back from El Sal.

Saturday night after bedtime when Cory was digging into a new video game I thought I would try to sew the book sling from this tutorial. I am NOT great at sewing, but this looked easy enough to complete. Honestly, I was most nervous about . . . cutting the fabric square. Seriously. Cutting took me only an hour and a half. (!!!) Yep, that was time spent wisely. Sewing the darn thing afterward took me only about 30-45 minutes.

Anyway, when all was said and done . . .
It's a very neat little thing. The opening for books is very narrow, however, so it doesn't hold as much as I thought. I don't know if they make curtain rod holders that are spaced further apart or not. Also, unless I decide to sew it shallower, it only holds Nora's "tall" books effectively. I think it will work just fine for now though.

Until next time . . .

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