Wednesday, January 26, 2011

17 Month Update

Nora's hair is getting really long. The other day I was able to really put it in pigtails for the first time:
I call them "party pigtails". :)

Anyway, she continues to grow beautifully. She still has only the two bottom teeth and no real sign of getting anymore . . . or at least not that I can tell besides her totally cranky attitude lately!! Everytime I try to check for teeth she about bites my finger off and starts yelling "NOOOOOOO!!" She didn't want me to feel around in her mouth when she got teeth the first time, so who knows. We are hoping for her to have two top ones by her second birthday. *fingers crossed* don't laugh - it's a legitamate hope!

She likes to watch T.V. and I have to limit it, or else she would watch all day! She gets very excited when "Super Why" comes on (PBS Kids show) - she starts dancing around and saying "YAY WHY!" when it starts to come on. She's a dancing queen, and honestly has really good musical taste! She LOVES to dance. Any little tune comes on, and she will start to dance around. There is NO timid dancing for her anymore either - the girl rocks out! She just loves music.

She's learned to tell us what she wants and is telling us firmly. She is also getting pretty smart from all the books we read daily. She can identify almost every letter of the alphabet and can actually say about 20 of them. She can recognize her name, although if you ask her to say it she will say something sounding like "Na na". Ask her any animal sound and she could probably tell you it, with exception of course for the ones that are tougher to say like a rooster sound and a frog sound. She's a pretty good communicator, although a lot of the things that come out of her mouth sound alike. For example, most folks can't tell the difference between her saying "up" or "help", or saying "more" or "milk". She talks a LOT though, and continues to shock me by saying things that sound like sentences: "I'll get it."; etc.

Eating-wise, she continues to be exceptionally picky. She has her 10-15 things she will eat and doesn't want anything else. She will usually try something new for me, but usually spits it out and says "ah-cky". She still sleeps great through the night, but naps have changed. She sometimes takes two naps per day, sometimes just one. She still goes to bed about 8:30.

She. LOVES. babies. She plays with her baby dolls all day long. She feeds them food, gives them bottles AND cups, burps them, puts them to sleep, covers them up, brings them to me to be re-wrapped up, pretends they are crying, and on and on! You have never seen such a little momma. The cool thing about Nora is this: she also likes trains, buses, cars, and playing ball. I love that about her. She's kind of got cabin fever right now (like all of us) but on the upside she's enjoying learning to color and write. She holds a pen/pencil really well already (mostly in her left hand), and I didn't even teach her how to hold it, so that's nice! She prefers to draw with pens and pencils instead of crayons, and she likes me to write her name on her paper and draw faces and things.

She's become a LOT more social lately - she used to hate going to church with me and I would drop her off screaming. However, last time she went she was SO EXCITED TO GO and play with the other kids! She's still learning to be a good friend and not hit or push. She also goes through phases with sharing - one day she will give everything she's got to another kid, but the next day she doesn't want to give up anything. Typical toddler really!

Until next time . . .

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