Sunday, October 17, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 12

Day 12 - Something You Are OCD About

I define this as: something you MUST do over and over again. Here are our answers:

I (Leah) absolutely must buy and use the 99 cent bottles of Dawn dish soap. If you are not sure which ones I am talking about, it's this one:

Best. Deal. Ever. I am a Dawn dish soap fan in general, but the 99 cent bottle goes a long way. Not only do I use it to do my dishes, but I also use it when I - the Chapstick ADDICT - occasionally dry a tube of Chapstick in the dryer. Takes the spots right out of our clothes. I asked my mom to get me dish soap one time, and she brought over this bottle of Joy, or something like that. It was not the same. I purposefully used it up fast so that I could go buy my Dawn dish soap.

Cory says he's OCD about how he backs his car in the driveway and I totally agree. It always has to be ready to go forward at a moment's notice.

See? That was taken just now. He's ready to go. I guess it comes from being a volunteer firefighter. He gets a page on his pager and he's gone a minute later. And of course it's always at dinnertime.

"Nora is too young to be OCD." You are saying this. You are wrong. Nora is a creature of habit, just like you and me, despite her young age.

After her bath each night, Nora HAS to go find her blankie. She knows that it's almost bedtime and she goes hunting for it.

First she goes to her bed, and if it's in there and she can reach it, she pulls it out through the bars. The girl is a mini-Linus. I dread losing this blankie.

Until next time . . .

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Kathy P. said...

You've read the book "Owen", right, Leah? Probably good to re-read it so you're ready when it's time to 'recycle' the blankie! :-)