Thursday, October 13, 2011

Newest Command Center :)

OK, yes! - I admit it. I changed my Command Center again. I may have a problem. But this time, I am pretty satisfied with it! It has room for everything, and extra room for whatever else I dream up. :)

What do you think? It has DIY-Fabric-Covered Art Boards at the top for our little budding artist, another magnetic board on the left for reminders to myself, star hooks for our keys, a Thirty-One Organizer for all the important paperwork, and my IKEA bin for the big stuff. I personally love it - at least organization-wise!

. . . Although, I must admit that after seeing this fabric, I already want to change out the fabric on the boards! :) It's been a week folks! lol So I may possibly do that sometime this year if I can swing it. I made the fabric cover easy-to-change if I found something better, and the new fabric is a little more my style.

Also, the bins are a little too plain for me, and I may dress them up. I clipped on some of the fabric hair flowers that I made recently just to see how they would look. They are dark navy and don't match, but I could easily make some black ones. Whatever I do to them needs to be easy to change because we all know me. :)

Let's looks back at the before pictures, shall we?:

Command Center #1
Command Center #2

Let's hope that #3 sticks around for awhile. I swear, I really do have better things to do. :)

Until next time . . .

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