Saturday, October 1, 2011

Baby's Basket

OK, so I have been waiting and waiting to post this for what feels like FOREVER! :)

One of my best friends Jadrien is pregnant with her first child, and her shower was this past weekend. I was so excited when I learned that she was pregnant that I decided that I had to create some amazing gifts for her child. Even with my own struggles that have been going on, I still wanted her gifts to be perfect, because even though the things themselves are irrelevant, I still look back on some of Nora's favorite baby items and remember how I felt after Nora's birth. I remember who we were then and who we are now, and I am so happy.

I bought a collapsible picnic basket (inspired a little bit by Kim's at Newlywoodwards), painted baby's monogram on the front, and started to fill it!

A peak inside . . . (there are a lot of details to this basket, and I will be showing you a few of them.)

First up, I sewed a "taggie" blanket. Jadrien gave Nora a little "lovey" blankie, and I really wanted to return the favor! I found a good tutorial here.

The back:

I also made some closet dividers with 0-3 month, 3-6 month, 6-9 month, 9-12 month, 12 month, 24 month, and 2T and 3T dividers. Good thing I left a blank one, because I forgot 18 month! lol These were inspired by this photo.

This is just a little "b is 4 boy" art made out of a mini canvas and easel that I have been dreaming of using for a baby gift:

I also used Wordle to create some more boy art:

Sorry about the crappy photo quality on these, but I thought they were funny: it's Mommy and Daddy's Emergency Candy. Because being a parent is stressful!!! :) For these I used a free download-able template from Rachael Ray and I edited it.

I saw these online and decided that every parent needs one: they are called "Instant Bibs". You just attach both ends to a napkin, paper towel, washcloth, or whatever is available, and BOOM! - Instant Bib. I think these are genius because I always forget to pack bibs in Nora's bag.

These I would have made myself if my sewing machine wasn't acting up so much. They are "onside extenders". You just snap them on to the onesie when it's getting too short. LOVE them. I bought them from a local store that sells them.

I almost didn't get to give this gift to Jade because my sewing machine couldn't handle sewing it - it's a "pee pee teepee". For keeping you dry while changing your little boy! :) I think it's so cute and fun!

Inside the basket are also some vinyl bibs, appliqued onesies, and special books from Nora.

I think she liked these gifts a lot - I sure enjoyed making them for her, her husband, and her soon-to-be new little one!!!!! :) And now I am sharing it with you. Hope you enjoyed it too!

Until next time . . .


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

So adorable! Love all the thought that went into this. I love the closet dividers. So darn smart.

I'll bet she is the cutest pregnant lady!

Jaycie and Randy said...

I have said it before and I'll say it again... You are just amazing!! What a wonderful and special gift!