Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New Vehicle :)

Well, we did it. We pulled the trigger.:

I am now a mini-van momma. :)

Cory's car was starting to crap out on us, so we had started saving for a new vehicle this year. We were looking at definitely getting something with third-row seating to accomodate all the kids I haul around nowadays! We started looking at new-used crossover-type vehicles and mini-vans. It did not take us long to figure out that despite me NEVER WANTING TO DRIVE A MINI-VAN EVER . . . it was the smart thing to do. We would get wayyyyyyyy more vehicle for our money, and it would be the best thing for our family. (This post also helped convince me.)

And . . . I am actually really pleased with it! We ended up taking advantage of an end-of-the-year deal and got ourselves a new 2011 Charcoal Dodge Grand Caravan. It's a seriously sweet ride. :) I test drove a used mini-van that made me feel like I was driving a BOAT, but our new van is not like that at all! It's very smooth, and I am shocked at how easy it is to drive and how different it is from the other one I drove. It's the first new vehicle Cory has ever had, and it's the nicest either of us has ever had. We are truly blessed to have it!

Here are some photos of today:
Cory's car odometer before we headed up to trade it in.

Our trade-in. :)

-E- and Nora crammed in the backseat of Cory's old car! It was so fun getting those carseats in . . . lol

Nora exploring the new van.

Center console . . .

First time carseat installation!

New van owners! :)

And, please, no soccer mom jokes. :) YAY MINI-VAN!

Until next time . . .

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Jaycie and Randy said...

We can be mini-van sisters!! I love love love my van!!! And we swear it the nicest car we have ever owned as well!!! We have a honda odessey and I joke all of the time that it really is a space vehicle... But it makes life with three little ones almost easy ;) Enjoy your "mom rocket" as one of my friends calls hers!! Congrats!