Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rhodes Family Farm ROCKS!

I live in a place that isn't really glamorous to anyone but me. So when we find a seriously good time that is literally 15 minutes from where I live, I get pretty excited!

This past weekend we went to Rhodes Family Farm. It. Was. Awesome! Here are some photos from our trip:

Playing on the hill slide.

Swinging in one of the tire swings.

Playing in the corn.

Walking on the hay bales.

A ride on the "train".

Trying to get a sleepy kid to take a picture. :)

This isn't even all of it folks. There was also a zip line, a water trough with play ducks, an inflatable jumper unlike any you have ever seen, good food, a gourd gun, and animals to feed and pet. It is so neat!! :) I only wish we had more time to spend there that day. We will definitely be going back!

Until next time . . .

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