Sunday, March 20, 2011

New Command Center

I made a new Command Center (a place for organizing my calendar, to-do lists, coupons, bills, mail, etc.) not too long ago, if you remember. There was nothing really wrong with it, but it did not do what I intended it to - which was to get rid of the piles on my counter. The old one had no place for coupons or bills, and the hubs still put his stuff on the counter in his hat from time to time (which makes me nuts.)

Not anymore!

This past week I started work on this new-and-improved Command Center (that actually does all that I hoped it would! YAY!) I went bargain shopping one day and picked up a set of stick-on-the-wall dry-erase panels at Target on sale. I decided to use them as the basis for the new Command Center. I picked up a cookie sheet at the dollar store,and spray painted it black to make a magnetic board. I also picked up a huge black canvas organizer at Wal-Mart on clearance. Finally, I covered a piece of cardboard with fabric, glued on some pockets, and framed it to organize the little things. I also used some labels I bought on clearance at a craft store to label the pockets, and used a vinyl decal that I had to fill in the gap to make this whole thing even-looking. Total cost for the new Command Center? Under 20 bucks!

Framed fabric with glued-on pockets:

The Wal-Mart canvas organizer:

Magnetic cookie sheet and one of the stick-on panels:

The whole thing was partially inspired by this Command Center that I saw recently. Delightful Order is a wonderful blog - the organizing makes me both jealous and happy all at the same time!

I have a few other Pottery Barn-inspired decoration ideas for this wall, but for now I am going to see how this works. I was very worried while making this how stick-on graphics would work on the wall since it's heavily textured. I discovered that the more glossy the graphic, the more noticeable the bumps are. For example, last week I also put up a GIGANTIC Uppercase Living decal in my living room that I purchased about six months ago and never put up. It's not glossy at all, and looks perfect - almost like it was painted on. I really like it! Goes good with my red couches. :)

Please don't mind the mess, I did not clean up for this shot AT ALL. Oopsie.

And back toward the kitchen, for a shot of the Command Center and my table with my new framed "art":

I saw the fabric in this photo at Wal-Mart and wanted to include it in my spring decor. I ended up just framing it and hanging it above my table. I don't think it looks quite right, but I will probably just leave it for now. This wall is so hard to decorate. Either way, now I get to joke about the "art" on our wall. :)

Until next time . . .

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jen said...

Still loving the block letters you made. Hoe did you make those again?