Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nora's 19 Month Update/Trip to Dad's

This month Nora had a lot of firsts! Some of these firsts were not good (her first ear infection, for example), but some of these were awesome - such as her first haircut and trip on an airplane!

We went this past weekend to visit my dad in Nebraska. Rather than driving all day with a toddler, we opted to fly. Nora did really well! The arriving flight she slept about a half hour and then watched some DVD's while WEARING HEADPHONES (try to put headphones on a toddler sometime, I DARE ya.) The returning flight she slept the whole time and did PERFECTLY. I was one very relieved momma.

While we were there Nora enjoyed playing with all the animals at my dad and Barb's house! She also liked playing on all the musical instruments that Dad and Barb have. She ran around a lot while we went shopping, and terrorized everyone at Tractor Supply Company. She enjoyed watching the belly dancers at the Greek restaurant - and dancing along with them. :) It was very cute.

I love this picture of Nora and my dad. :)

All in all the trip went well. While we were there, Nora started saying a new sentence: "Oh nooooooo! What are we gonna dooooooo?" :) It was cracking me up.

Potty training is going much better. Definitely less stressful for me! There have been three or four mornings so far that Nora has been completely dry, and she doesn't give me such a hard time anymore. I attribute this to . . . her learning to flush! lol She LOVES to flush the potty. If I tell her I will let her flush it, she's usually ready to go in a heartbeat. If she starts staying dry for an entire day at a time I told her I will get her some pull-ups. :)

Her teeth are busy coming in - but of course it's still not the teeth you would expect. She has her bottom front two all the way in, and is getting two molars on each side on the bottom. Also a random tooth on the top right is coming in, and I am not really sure which one it is! That's all I can feel right now, but hopefully those two front ones work their way in. Nora actually told me this morning: "Mouth. Owie." Hopefully that means more are coming.

As mentioned earlier, she also had her first ear infection. Her right ear over-produces wax (just like her daddy's) so we have been expecting this. I fully expect tubes by the time she is three, but I will continue to hope it won't be as bad as were are thinking. I think it was a good sign that we didn't have any ear issues on the airplane. We go to the doctor again tomorrow to get them checked out.

That's about it folks! Until next time . . .

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