Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Decor

WHAT IS UP WITH THE SNOW??!! We definitely had a surprise snow in my area today. It was such a surprise that USA Today posted an article that I read earlier on my iPad about how big of a shocker it was. I am just ready for some warmth.

SO, in order to help the snow melt faster, I decided that it's time: time to get out the spring decorations! All three of them. :) I am not a fan of pastel colors, so I really haven't bought a lot of spring things in my life. I can deal with dark pastel colors, and I also like "spring green". I decided to run with what I had on hand (as usual) and not buy anything new. (I also had a lot of crafting time today with my daughter being gone at my mom's for the night - I got so much done!)

Simple, functional table top. Seriously, someone needs to give me a centerpiece lesson . . . Anyway, the placemats were $1 each at Michael's - score! I may change my table-top set-up soon if I can think of something else, but I like it for now. I prefer function over decoration when it comes to my table - the kids around here mess it up too quickly!

I added a "Spring Tree" to my mantel. You will notice it's the exact same "Thanksgiving Tree" from thanksgiving, minus the fall colors and with some spring leaves and spring ornaments.

And lastly, a pair of pennant banners. Can you believe I have never made one of these before??!! Seriously, it's like the one thing every crafty person makes at some point. It's probably the first thing everyone makes when they get a Cricut or Silhouette machine - which is probably why I haven't made one up until now. I just used good drafting tools and letter stickers. Also, some spring post-it notes. :)

A close-up. Aren't my photo-taking skills amazing?? . . . OK, stop laughing.

Getting the decor out worked folks - the snow is melting already!! ;)

Until next time . . .

The DIY Show Off

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