Sunday, March 13, 2011

Potty Training/Foot Rest

I almost titled this entry: Potty Training (and other "stools" of note.) I couldn't bring myself to do it though. EW. You're welcome.

Nora has started potty training. She's doing really well . . . but it has been exhausting for me! She doesn't like anything bathroom/diaper/potty-related, so it's hard to get her excited. I have to do everything I can to get her to even go IN the bathroom.

BUT - this week there have been two major successes. ONE - we were able to get her to sit on the potty again after she was flat out refusing for a week now. TWO - she went number two! YESSSSSSSSS!! That was something I definitely didn't expect to see for a few months yet . . . even though I am fairly sure based on her reaction to it that she will NEVER do that again. Luckily I don't expect my 18-month-old to conquer potty training in a day. She will get there when she gets there.

Anywho, even though I am dog-tired I would like to show you what I did with the other footstool. I just covered the original fabric and stuffing with new fabric, and Magic Eraser-ed off the rose decal on the front, so changing it took about 20 minutes total. Not a huge project, but I am changing it someday anyway. Plus I LOVE THIS FABRIC! I have been wanting to use it for something for awhile now.



Simple. And I love it! The fabric is not the same shade as our red couches, but I threw it in the living room in front of our loveseat anyway. I may change the location, but I like it where it is for now.

That's about it folks! Now I am going to bed. Up next: Pottery Barn knock-off curtains . . . I hope. If I can get my sewing machine to work, and my daughter to like her potty just a VERY LITTLE BIT.

Until next time . . .

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Cupcake's Mommy said...

Love how the stools look after you refinished them! And I actually LOLed at your "alternate" title! ;)

~ Di