Thursday, December 30, 2010

Post-Christmas Musings

I realize that I owe you all a post-Christmas post. But in order to do this, I thought it might be more fun to play a little game. The game is called . . . "spot the goodies". I will post some pictures, you spot the goodies, I will let you know if you are right. Here we go:

For Christmas, we spent two and a half days at Cory's mom and dad's house. No, this was not the plan. The snow forecast made going there early and staying there a necessity if anyone wanted to see us Christmas Eve, and potentially Christmas Day.

Staying there was TOTALLY fun - reminded us of the good old days. :) And it did snow about 3-4 inches, so it also ended up being very smart on our part.

We got to Cory's folks house right as the snow started to fall on Christmas Eve morning. We spent the day lounging about and trying to get Nora to nap (FUTILE).

Right as it started pouring down snow, we got in the car and trekked across Cory's tiny hometown to his aunt and uncle's house. Nora was being very shy because of the lack of sleep and therefore crankiness. We ate some amazing food cooked by Cory's uncle, and then opened some presents.

OK, spot the goodies time!:
This one's easy: the shopping cart. Hello - what a way to make a 16-month-old-girl's day.

Another easy one: the cat piano. Nora likes music and kitties, and her cousin got her a cat piano. We seriously should have given her this last - she had to play with it for 20 minutes before she would even consider opening another gift.

No one got a picture of the adult goodies from that night. Among other things, I got a beautiful diamond necklace from Cory's sister and . . . a COACH PURSE! WOOT! :) Cory got his crazy toe shoes. And he has been wearing them all around since.

Nora eventually got over her crankiness and spent some time playing with the girls, which was nice.

It was also "The Night of a Thousand Snuggies". All the young girls got one.
CIMG3326 - Copy

So, that was Christmas Eve. We got back to Cory's parent's house and got Nora into bed at a completely reasonable time of quarter-to-eleven. She was too excited about Santa . . . right!

Christmas Day! Time to open up Santa presents! Two goodies in this picture. Can you spot them??:
The first is the obvious: the car and people. This was probably Nora's favorite gift - she has not stopped playing with it. The other is hiding out right behind her: the Thirty-One tote sticking out behind Nora's back. Cory's mom gave away a lot of Thirty-One gifts this year, and they ended up being LIFESAVERS this Christmas with all the crap we had to haul here and there and everywhere. So much so, that it convinced me to sell them in addition to the AtHome America stuff that I already sell. More on that to come.

After a light breakfast and Santa presents, we went to my mom's for brunch and more presents:
Which Nora did not enjoy at all.

TOTALLY KIDDING!! Did you spot the goodies here? No surprise, the pink motorcycle of course. And . . . another Thirty-One tote! These things are so freakin' amazing.

And I just like this picture I randomly took of my mom and Nora:

The rest of Christmas Day was spent just resting. I knitted a lot, and Cory watched "Inception". Nora napped a bunch and played at Cory's folk's house. Nice end to the day.

On the 26th we were awakened to bad news: my sister had the stomach flu. That was NOT good because that day Cory and I were scheduled to go to the Rams game with her, her husband, my dad, his wife, my mom, and her friend. My sister ended up not getting to go and that was crappy.
Did you spot the goody? My sister got us Santa Rams hats for the game! Yay! But I was sad I had to wear it alone.

The game ended up being a fantastic game to watch. This was only my second football game ever, but it sure was a great one. After the game, Rachel was feeling better, so we all headed to her house for dinner. Our family has already had the stomach flu, so we weren't scared!!

That about brings you all up to date.

But wait!

Did you think our game was over??!!

Because it's not. :)

Spot the goodies! I have some of them up in my post-Christmas home:
Two goodies here: there is a bread machine in this house now! :) I, the future Paula Deen, have a bread machine. Oh yeah! Also, I got myself a magnetic utensil holder for my knives. SWEET! Everyone sing with me now: "No more knife block, no more knife block . . . "

One goody here - I went to a bunch of antique malls this week to clean up their after-Christmas sales, and got that little star decoration. LOVE it!

Changed up my shelves a bit already. The goodies here are the beautiful candle holders I got at Michael's for practically NOTHING! Who cares if they are Christmas decorations?

My simple mantel. It's not done yet of course, but the goodies here are the little fabric strips on the stars - 25 cents each! Why make when you can buy that cheap?? . . . lol.

My photo wall is back to normal for now (although I have plans to change it up again soon), but I just wanted to point out one little goody: the hurricane. Got that hurricane for four dollars at a thrift store, remember? LOVE IT!

Anyway, so that's the scoop. Hope you all enjoyed our little game. :)

Until next time . . .

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Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I totally spotted the thirty one tote. I love those. I got a purse from a party last month and I love it.