Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dishcloth Dreams

This, my friends, is the best washcloth in the world:

OK, so maybe you disagree - this is no special washcloth. Except for the fact that it is pictured draped on a seriously pretty (!) Christmas Tree, it looks pretty ordinary. But let me explain . . .

If you have been somehow living in a Morgan-Freeman-or-Jack-Nicholson-free environment (the horror!) then you will not know what a "bucket list" is. A "bucket list" is a list of things you need to do before you die, written in checklist-style. My "bucket list" has always been small. Very small. In fact, this was it:

1. Be on a game show.

. . . . .

Yes, that is all. I aim high.

This past October I attempted to get on Wheel of Fortune. Unfortunately the producers didn't notice me and immediately KNOW that I am - without a doubt - the best game show contestant that ever lived, so my bucket list had to be modified:

1. Never stop trying to be on a game show. Even if they never pick me.

Still fairly lame, yet at the very least hopeful and much more realistic. So I decided then and there to really think about it and add a few things to my list. There has to be something else I want to do! Unfortunately, when you spend 24-7 chasing around young kids, there is little time to "seriously think" about anything other than "How can I fit in a shower today?" But I did add something to the list that was kind of a no-brainer because it's always something I've wanted to do:

2. Learn how to knit/crochet.

And . . . I did! :) This washcloth is the first thing I have ever finished. After only three weeks. :) I am so proud of myself for already taking my newly revamped "bucket list" and cutting it in half.

. . . . .

Well, proud and annoyed all at the same time. My list is still pretty crappy. But at least I have the satisfaction of knowing that something on the list has a CHECK!

1. Never stop trying to be on a game show. Even if they never pick me.
2. Learn how to knit/crochet. - CHECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, yay for me!! Moving on now . . .

As a side note, this weekend is our first family Christmas, so I will go back to posting some cute, Nora-related stuff in order to ease you into the transition back to more family-related blogs, as opposed to DIY-related ones. Although please don't think the DIY-entries will ever go away. As of right now I have about 25,139,345 projects to finish, and I don't go anywhere during the day folks! I have to show them off somehow. :)

Until next time . . .


mrs.hendo2b said...

That is awesome Leah. Did you crochet or knit it? It looks knit, but I can't tell. I haven't ever attempted to make a washcloth, but I need to.

Anonymous said...

great job, honey! not ordinary in the least!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

This looks great. I'm impressed because my first dishcloth looked more like a triangle. I love crocheting, I find it so relaxing.

Good luck with the Game Show thing. Those Wheel of Fortune folks don't know what they are missing.

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers for my dad. He's out of surgery and his heart's beating on it's own. So thankful!