Wednesday, December 8, 2010

29 today.

I have been joking around saying that today is the last birthday I will ever have. From now on, it will be anniversaries - like next year will be the first anniversary of my 29th birthday.

Really, I'm not so concerned about ME turning 30 next year, as I am my own daughter turning 30 in 28.5 years. Then I will feel old (sorry mom).

So far this day has been OK - a little crummy, a little happy - but I am starting to think of my birthday as "just another day", just like my husband does. I always felt a little sorry for him for thinking that, because I believe that the joy of a birthday is rooted in the innocence of childhood. No matter how old you get, I think it's always important to remain childish at something. Then I remember: "well, he IS my OTHER child", and I smile and don't feel sorry for him anymore - but a little for myself!! lol

So that got me thinking: What am I childish about? What about my life is still "rooted in the innocence of childhood"?

I think the biggest thing is my love for children's books. The reason Nora has so many is because I made sure of that long before she was born. The thing that I love best about them is how fun and funny they can be. I sometimes get exasperated reading the same ones over and over daily, but I enjoy them all over again the moment I open them. I get Border's coupons weekly, and the first thing I think of is "I could take this and get Nora a new book." I even applied for a job there so I could potentially buy her more books. She has so many books that it's both cool and a little ridiculous all at the same time. But we enjoy them - a lot - together.

So today, my 29th birthday, I think I will go buy myself a new book. Maybe a children's book, maybe not, but something that reminds me that I am always a kid at heart!

Until next time . . .

SIDE NOTE/UPDATE: I went to go buy ONE book and couldn't do it. There are just too many good ones! Although I might give in and finally buy "The Perfect Nest" if I have time this week. If you have never read it, you MUST. Very, very, VERY cute book.


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Happy birthday Leah! I hope your day turned out wonderfully. You are a special person and deserve all the happiness today and every day.

And, I hope you found a great book to read.

just jenny said...

I SO love this post! I love my birthday (maybe set aside from this year...) and very much get excited about it! It usually winds up lasting a week, but then again, I feel I am still very rooted in my childhood. :)

However, my husband is the same as yours... lol.