Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What we are up to . . .

Well, this past week has been a tough one so far at the Whitaker's house! Nora's either sick or teething; Super Why (the nickname for the child I sit for) is teething and not sleeping well; I am getting over a sickness and stressing over the kids; and Cory lost a friend on the Fire Department. All in all, it's been quite the week (and it's only Tuesday!)

There have been some good things happening too. Despite my sickness this weekend, my WONDERFUL husband and I were able to clean and re-arrange our unfinished basement to set up a wonderful playroom for the kids:

Not only is this place great for the kids to play, but we also set up a little area where we could work on different projects while they play:

Also, thanks to the shallow divider, I can even walk on the treadmill without having to worry about the kids climbing on it, and I still have a perfect view of everything going on.

. . . Or so I thought!

I think eventually this dream will happen, but for now Nora's a little freaked out to be downstairs. She's just not sure about this place under her house. The carpet is uneven and bumpy until we have walked on it enough to flatten it, and all her books are still upstairs (must rectify this - the girl is a book nut). Also, she's VERY interested to know what I am working on, so she hangs out around the work table and tries to grab everything off of it. Not to mention that she is suddenly very attached to me like she has never been before. I think eventually this will all work itself out, but for now . . . yikes!

Plus, the holidays are coming up and I am using lots of spare time (ha!) to work on gifts. I say work on gifts because I am hand-making a lot of gifts this year. A lot of gifts. OK, almost every gift. That is in addition to the food gifts that I usually make for neighbors that takes me quite a while to get done. I like doing it, but I just wish I could get ahead before the holidays really hit. As if I am not ahead. I have almost all the (hand made) Christmas cards done and some of the food gifts done, and two people crossed completely off the "to get" gift list. I am actually doing alright, it just doesn't really feel like it.

Anyway, so we are a little stressed out around here, so I probably won't write another entry until next Monday's blog challenge post (which I have been working on as well! I am so excited for it!!) Everyone have a great one!!

Until next time . . .

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