Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nora's 14.5 Month Update

Since I have so many out of town relatives, I send out email updates on Nora every so often. I hadn't done it in awhile, so I did today. This is the latest one:

"Nora's become quite the amazing little kid. :) She is talking talking talking!! She surprises us everyday with new words. Most recently she says "all done" when she's finished eating, and she can also say a few different animal sounds. She also says "go bye bye" when we go somewhere. She just talks all the time and can say quite a lot for her age. She can already identify letters B and E, and today she showed me O too! She seems to be really, really smart, and we have people tell us that all the time now. Like we don't know! lol

Her two front teeth started coming in on September 15th . . . and they are STILL not all the way in. They are about halfway in, so I am holding out hope that they will be fully in by Christmas! You can at least SEE them now, although she won't let me take a picture of them. She's not as big of a fan of the camera as she used to be.

She's still a picky eater, but she LOVES her milk. She drinks quite a lot of milk - we actually have to monitor it pretty closely so that she doesn't go overboard (or break the bank!) She also still loves books! We got to Border's kid's section about once or twice a week and she goes to town. Mostly lately she's been playing with the stuffed animals, but she also likes the books with buttons you can push. And any animal book!

She continues to be a little "momma" and carries her "babies" around with her everywhere - feeding them, putting them in the stroller, etc. She now has a little playroom in the basement, and enjoys her little slide and art desk. The girl loves to color! She's so big already."

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Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

That first picture is totally adorable.