Tuesday, November 2, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 28

Day 28 - What's In My Handbag/Purse

Obviously this is a me-only question. If only the general public wasn't so scared of the contents of my purse . . .


The purse that I currently have is my first new bag in a LONG time. It's a Marie Osmond bag that I traded some Vera Bradley to get. I am going to a Miche bag party soon to get shells for my Miche base that I already have (see here) and that will only be my second new purse this year. That's VERY unusual for me. That is why this year for Christmas I asked for a Moop bag (see here) and also for a Ju Ju Bee Diaper bag (see here). Anyway, this is my current bag:

It's served me pretty well since I got it.

Here's what's inside:
Small pocket
Old grocery list
Piece of string that I need to match the color of next time I am at Wal-Mart
Also usually my phone is in here

Inside actual bag
Baby wipes
Snack Cup
Nora's little pouch with her diapers/diaper cream/etc. inside
Baby food in a pouch
mini chocolate chip cookie snack
New Testament
Notebook with Weight Watchers Info inside
Wet Ones
Breath mints
Pain killers
Hair tie
Feminine products
3 pens
4 other Chapsticks :) Yes, four. In addition to the one already in there.

That's it folks! Until next time . . .

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