Friday, October 5, 2012

Porch progress!

24 days left until my due date. No labor signs yet, but I am about to start taking bets on which will come first - the porch or the baby? :)

BUT - it has been started at least. This past week the excavators came and moved dirt and started the retaining wall. They also poured some rock for the concrete foundation.

Then today, RAIN. AGAIN. I am starting to feel silly for praying for rain all summer, when now all I am doing is praying for a week without it!! (And if you would like to join me in that prayer, PLEASE DO.)

Anyway, here are the photos from the newest phase of excavation:

Leveling our front yard!!

Where the front patio will be.

Where the porch will be.

The transition between porch and patio.

It's coming along! Hopefully it comes along fast enough. :) So far, it's looking good!

Until next time . . .

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