Wednesday, October 10, 2012

37 Week Update - "The Baby Files"

How far along? 37 weeks.

Maternity clothes?Yes. They cover me better than they did with Nora's pregnancy but I am "all belly" this time.

The belly progress:
Here is a side-by-side of me at 36 weeks with Nora, and 37 weeks now.

What the first picture does not show you is my feet - they were SO swollen from about week 25-30 on until the end. Daily people looked at them and went "Ohhhhh Leah, your poor feet!!" This time around they waited to swell badly until week 36, and they actually went down in swelling here in week 37! How lucky am I??

Here is a side-by-side from me two weeks ago to now:

I am shocked at what a difference there is!

Sleep: My sleep has not improved. However, I have been fortunate that the people around me have allowed me to get a lot of rest. Most of the time I feel pretty good!

Cravings: This week I ate badly! Luckily one of my cravings has been black beans, because others have been E.L. Fudge Double Stuffed cookies, and Gooey Butter Cake.

Best moment this month: We picked out a boy's name and a girl's name!

Movement: Movement is definitely different now that I have dropped.

Gender: We still have no idea. Lots of "boy" predictions. I am entirely unsure! I refer to baby sometimes as "he", sometimes as "she". I have accepted that I will find out in 19 days.

Labor Signs: A few mild contractions. LOTS of pressure in my lower belly. This baby likes my bladder a lot.

What I miss: Sitting on the floor. I feel like the worst playmate ever for Nora lately.

Weekly Wisdom: I am thankful.

What Stereotype I Embody: I didn't cry a whole lot this week, so that's good! I am the "momma who is impatient to deliver" at the moment. :)

What I Bought This Week: No need to buy anything else for the baby really. I stocked up on toiletries and bought some Tastefully Simple stuff. Getting us some stamps and thank you cards later this week.

What I Checked off my To-Do List: I seriously thought Cory and I would never agree on names. We "duked it out" and it only took an hour to come to an agreement. :)

My doctor appointment on Monday was uneventful. Not dilated at all yet. I had my Group B Strep Test, and I go back on Monday the 15th to be checked again. I feel like baby has dropped a bit and that things are generally "moving south", so we'll see what happens. There will likely be no baby this weekend though. ;)

Until next time . . .

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