Tuesday, October 23, 2012

39 Weeks

Well, it looks like I will be going to my due date! After my appointment Monday the doctor doesn't think I will go early. Fine with me - I just have another week to tough it out, try to get in some last-minute relaxing, and prepare myself.

We did have a conversation about baby's size, and the doc thinks this child is large too. My personal guess is the high side of eight pounds. We also talked about how this c-section will go, and that they hope to have me going home the Thursday after surgery.

I've been feeling sick to my stomach off and on, but no significant contractions. This baby is sitting LOW, and I have some pain and pressure. I have been sitting around a lot, trying to rest as much as I can - specifically because I'm not sleeping well and it makes me really tired all day long. Last night I was too hot to sleep, the night before I had to pee repeatedly, some nights I have odd dreams, and sometimes I just can't get comfortable. This was definitely not an issue while I was pregnant with Nora! I guess this time around my body is preparing me in advance for the lack of sleep.

The porch is still not done - the weather has been keeping workers away this week - and honestly I am angry about it, but also done being concerned with it. I have to have a baby sometime in the next week and I just can't deal with my damn porch right now. Worrying about it when nothing can be done does nothing but raise my blood pressure, which has always been really good despite my swelling! So I am going to try and forget about it. "Try" being the operative word. I think they are still planning to come Wednesday if it's dry enough, so we'll see about that.

This week Nora has been acting up. She knows something big is going to happen, and despite all the preparing I have done for her, she is nervous. I can see it in her behavior and it KILLS me. This week I am going to muster up some energy to take her out to eat and have a little "Mommy-Nora Night". I am hoping that will make her feel a little less anxious. I think she just needs to know that I am here for her right now.

I tried to shave my legs and give myself a pedicure this morning. HA! - That was funny. I was able to do a crappy job at the former, and do none of the latter. "Mommy-Nora Night" will include a pedicure I guess!

Next post should be either a porch update or baby post! Until next time . . .

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