Monday, September 24, 2012

35 Week Update - "The Baby Files"

How far along? 35 weeks. That means only 35 days left. YIKES!!

Maternity clothes?Yes, my mom says I am "all belly". I sure feel like it! Check out the photo to follow ...

The belly progress:

See? All belly!

Sleep: I have pregnancy-induced insomnia. I want to sleep, but it takes me forever to get there. I sometimes take a "power nap" to try and compensate, otherwise I'm not going to (cheerfully) make it through the afternoon.

Cravings: I think the only craving I have had this pregnancy is for Hi-C Orange from McDonald's, although i was seriously wanting hash brown casserole from Cracker Barrell this past week.

Best moment this month: We discovered that the baby responds to Nora's voice!! That was TOTALLY cool. :)

Movement: LOTS! What an active kid! Also, this time around I am not as swollen so I can play "guess-the-body-part-that's-sticking-out". :) It's AWESOME!

Gender: More people are starting to guess "boy" this month, but only because this pregnancy is so vastly different than my last one. They say all your kids are different, but I think this one is a night and day difference from Nora! Let's list the differences, shall we?:
1.) This baby's heartbeat is averaging 15-20 beats slower than Nora's was.
2.) I have gained 30-40 pounds less so far, which I attribute to thyroid hormone-replacement, AND ...
3.) ... WAYYYYYY LESS swelling. I was so swollen last time they didn't think my epidural would take because of the fluid in my spine. I was, to put it succinctly, a water-balloon.
4.) No crazy, all-over, inexplicable body rash.
5.) This time I had actual morning sickness in the first (and occasionally in the third!) trimester.
6.) Carrying much lower and further out this time around. So much so that it's affecting my hips, and the baby uses my left hip for leverage to move around when I'm sitting.
7.) No bleeding, thanks be to God.
8.) No major cravings, but much hungrier.

Labor Signs: I had two mild contractions one night last week, and another this past weekend. Also I got told three times in two days that I looked like I've dropped. I don't think the baby has done that just yet because I still can't breathe but I have had some occasional serious bladder pressure recently.

What I miss: I am starting to get itchy to work out and get myself back into shape. Also I miss just PLAYING with Nora. I can't sit comfortably on the floor anymore, and I miss playing and running with her in the dirt, on the playground, etc. Lately I have been just too tired and nauseated to do much of anything. After this baby comes and I heal from my c-section, we are going to play in the snow or something!!

Weekly Wisdom: I'm losing my mind. My husband told me the other day that he scheduled his two weeks off from work. My (serious) response?: "What for?" WHAT FOR??!! Yes, I actually said that.

What Stereotype I Embody: SERIOUSLY-CAN'T-STOP-CRYING. It's gotten worse. More than once this past month I have wondered: "What is WRONG with me??!!" I'm just so tired and emotional all the time. In fact, I will take this opportunity to ask for some prayers because I think my mental state is fragile right now.

What I Bought This Week: I bought a few things to finish up the nursery, and we also got a "rock-n-play", which a lot of recent new moms that I know have been swearing by. I washed the bottles and organized the "baby cabinet". I also got some more burp cloths and a potential new diaper/wipes organizer. Really, we just have to pick names now ... easier said than done!

What I Checked off my To-Do List: Nursery is done! I also made a list of everything left that should be done pre-baby. I packed my hospital bag and made a list of everything that I will need to grab last-minute.

Today's doctor appointment went well. The baby's heart rate was 165 - high for once! I see the doctor again in two weeks for my group B strep test, and to check me to see if I'm - gulp- dilated! I will then see the doctor weekly until delivery.

Until next time . . .


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

That is so neat that baby knows Nora's voice. Amazing. She will be a great big sister.

justjen said...

I'm excited for you!
I think you should do a blog in the words of Nora about baby... lol