Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fall Decor and an Organized Art Area

I have had my Halloween/Fall stuff out for at least a week already. Yes, it's a little early!! For some reason I have been in the mindset that everything that must be done between now and when the baby comes must be done "right now". I guess this is nesting. For me it's hard to tell - with Nora I basically nested the entire time I was pregnant, but with this child I think I can tell a significant difference lately.

Take, for example, Nora's art table. The girl has so much art stuff and wants to color so often that I set up her art table in a central household location. It was looking a little (A LOT!) messy, so I got some dollar baskets from Target and hung them on the wall to make use of vertical space:

The baskets have been wonderful on the wall, and Nora loves the little magnetic dry-erase board that I stole from another part of the house and put next to them. With the exception of one completely dried out dry-erase marker, this system has been working great so far!

The same day that I did this, I decided it was time to get out the fall stuff. I didn't put out a whole lot, but I did make some new pumpkin decor based off of this pin I saw on Pinterest. The pumpkins were on sale at Michael's, and painting them was a breeze. I used them to set up a simple but cute mantel:

The thing I like best about this is that I can take it down easily, and put up a few other simple things for Thanksgiving. And, no - your eyes aren't deceiving you! - the last pumpkin is blank. My idea for that one was to put a big "TBD" on it, but the pumpkins cost enough that I decided against it. ;)

Until next time . . .

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