Friday, September 7, 2012

Nora Update - 3 Years Old!

We have a three year old. YIKES!!

Things to know about Nora at this age:
Academically she's stinking BRILLIANT. I cannot get over how smart she is, and she constantly amazes me. She has known all her letters and sounds for awhile now, and we have just started learning to read the "-at" word family and a few sight words. I was blown away the first day we worked on blending with how quickly she got it. Just today she told me that she was going to write my name ("mommy"). I asked her if she knew how to spell it, thinking that there was no way she would remember. She did! She tried to write it and did pretty well, but is really only successful while writing her own name at the moment.

She also continues to have an excellent vocabulary and imagination. Hearing such big words coming out of her little mouth makes me chuckle daily. Of course she is at the age where she will say something and it will make me laugh so hard I cry as well! The other day she pointed to a bottle of her shampoo with a monkey on it and asked me (very seriously) if I was going to wash her hair "with the monkey 'poo?" I laughed so hard at that one! She's also incredibly polite and empathetic for her age, which is wonderful. Along with her manners, I have been trying to work with her on how she should treat people with respect, and most of the time she does an excellent job at that (however, she DID recently tell her teacher to "stop bothering her". Yikes!)

Some of her favorite things to do right now are to play outside on her swing set, in the sandbox, or out front in the dirt pile that will soon be our new porch. Inside she enjoys playing with her Thomas trains and practicing being a big sister on her baby dolls. She has recently starting playing pretend a LOT. She likes to drag out all her sleep stuff so that she can pretend to sleep, and has discovered dress-up clothes. She also has a tent downstairs and a sheet "tent" upstairs that she uses to pretend to go camping in, or to play house in.

She LOVES. HER. FRIENDS. She's as independent and stubborn as they come, but the girl loves to play with other kids. She tends to be pretty bossy so if I am around I have to constantly remind her to listen to her friends and do what they want to do as well. She has just started preschool two days per week and as soon as I drop her off I can see her going to find friends and toys immediately. And she is soooo excited when friends come over to her house to play. Anyone that plays with her at her house for a good solid hour is often referred to by her as her "best friend". She also prays for them all when we say prayers at night

She is going be be a big sister in a little over 50 days here, and I think I have prepared her about as much as I possibly can for it. We have been reading books about babies, talking a LOT about what she can expect when the baby gets here, getting the nursery ready together, and (her personal favorite) watching videos and looking at photos of Nora when she was a baby. She also holds her new cousin like a PRO! :) She likes to play-act with her dolls by making them cry REALLY loud, feeding them, packing them up to go places, and putting them to sleep. She's about as prepared as she's going to get!

Her three year old check-up is not until October for some strange reason, so I couldn't tell you her physical stats at the moment. However, I can tell you that she's as tall as any average four year old, and looks too much like a little girl (instead of a toddler) for my liking! She has been potty trained for about 15 months now, but just recently started going potty entirely by herself. Her fine motor skills are great. I think sometimes she may be a little behind on her gross-motor skills when she has trouble trying to ride a bike or a tricycle . . . until she picks up a baseball bat and whacks a ball she just threw into the air! Watching her swim also is really neat - since she's been around water her whole life, she's pretty good at that too.

Little Nora has just been continuously growing into a fantastic fun, stubborn, lovable, funny, independent, happy little person, and her dad and I are so proud of her!! We love you girly, thanks for being such a great kid!

Until next time . . .

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