Friday, August 10, 2012

Summer Busket List - Post Eleven (Meet Nora's New Cousin)

Meet Nora's New Cousin - CHECK!

I got a text message at 5 a.m. on August 9th. I was confused - "Did I forget that one of my babysitting kids was coming early?!" Nope, it was from my brother-in-law saying that he and my sister were at the hospital! Her water broke at 1:45 a.m., they made it to the hospital at 2:30, and labor was happening! HOORAY!

After that I guess you could say I got a taste of my own medicine from three years ago. I waited and waited for news about the arrival of my new niece or nephew - that's right - Rachel and Billy had decided not to find out what they were having either. :) I would have waited up at the hospital, but Nora seems to have gotten hand, foot, and mouth. So now she won't be meeting her cousin for at least a week, BUT - that doesn't mean she isn't practicing!:

She and I waited around for news all day, watching movies, napping, and eventually heading up to the doctor's office for confirmation of hand, foot, and mouth. While we were sitting in the office, I got the following text:

I was so excited, but honestly, I was so in shock! I thought for sure she was having a girl. So now I am 0 for 2 in the baby guessing game, lol!

Not too long after I got this beautiful photo:

Later my mom came by so I could have a chance to go up and see him in the hospital. Friends, he is PERFECT! Such a pretty-looking baby. I didn't hold him or get too near of course (because even though I don't have any signs of having hand, foot, and mouth it's still SUPER contagious if you do have it), but I did get to see him in person and that was totally worth it. I love his little fuzzy strawberry blond hair, and his curious little eyes. He. Is. Too. CUTE! :) We are so happy to have him in the family.


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