Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Nora's First Day of School

I cannot believe I just typed that as the title for this blog. Surely my baby didn't just start preschool today??!! It's true what they say: time really does fly by too fast.

Nora was in a great mood upon waking up - which I had been praying for - and we got ready and out the door on time. One of my babysitting kids (-L-, Nora's self-proclaimed "best friend") came with us to drop Nora off for her first day as a - gulp! - Preschooler.

I know it looks like she was all smiles, but she was actually very serious about getting in there to play. She got her stick from her teacher and put it in her name pocket, then she was given permission to "go play!" A few quick hugs for mommy and -L- (in which her eyes were NOT on us, but already on the toys), and that was it. Drop-off complete. :)

Cory and I are so proud of her. :) She did so well that I really felt no need to cry about it. Why weep over such a great success in her young life? Of course, it does feel like a little piece of my heart is torn this morning as I get ready to clean the empty house. But I am praying that she has a good day and that she is all smiles when I pick her up later. :)

UPDATE (after pick up):
Nora's assessment of her first day (direct quotes): Ms. -N- gave me a popsicle, I didn't take toys from friends but I knocked a friend's block tower down, we sat criss-cross applesauce, for snack we had graham crackers and milk but there was no more milk, I played on the playground on the slide, we didn't talk about anything, I don't know my friends names, and it's not SCHOOL it's PRESCHOOL. :) Her teacher said she had a good day, and told her "Ms. -N-, I'm really tired.". She looks happy to me! :)

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