Tuesday, August 21, 2012

30 Week Update - "The Baby Files"

How far along? 30 weeks. They changed my due date so I am a little earlier with the update if you noticed!

Maternity clothes?Yes, and even they are doing their best just to cover me up. :)

The belly progress: STICKING OUT some more! :) I am growing out instead of around this time:

Sleep: I sleep OK. It's harder for me than it was. If I am laying down for an hour or more I am VERY sore when I wake up. My left hip is giving me a lot of trouble when I wake up - it pops in and out a lot.

Cravings: I ate less junk while out this past month, however I ate worse while at home. This pin I have on my Pinterest page is SOOOOO good and I have made it so many times that I have it memorized now.

Best moment this month: My due date got moved up and they scheduled my ultrasound! :) I was shocked when they moved my date up because it's NEVER happened to me before. I am scheduled for October 29th, BUT I am measuring a week ahead of that, so don't mark down the baby's birthday just yet!

Movement: I am consistently shocked at how STRONG this child is. I don't remember Nora being like this in utero. This child likes to hit or kick me in the hips a lot! It feels like I have an octopus in here.

Gender: More people are starting to guess "girl". I still have no idea (and I would likely be wrong anyway!) I still maintain that this pregnancy is WAY different than before. It's like night and day. Whether or not that has any indication of gender, time will only tell. The heart rate at my last appointment was 141 - still not indicative of any particular gender if you believe in that sort of thing. ;)

Labor Signs: Ninguno, gracias a Dios!

What I miss: I am starting to get itchy to work out and get myself back into shape. I wanted to run the other day.

Weekly Wisdom: I have very few days left with my oldest daughter ONLY. That makes me really sad and SUPER excited all at the same time. I'm ready to have another child to care for, but I'm soaking up my Noranator as much as possible too.


What I Bought This Week: Ooooooh, guilty. I bought some fabric for the nursery, but I didn't buy anything we really need. Like a diaper pail. Or cradle sheets. I have GOT to get on that soon . . . OH! - But I DID buy a bottle warmer. :)

What I Checked off my To-Do List: I have been working on the Summer Bucket List, not the baby list. I still have 69 more days so STOPNAGGINGMEITWILLALLGETDONE!! :)

What, no ultrasound photo??!!: Nope, I think I am done with those! No photo from this point on means a healthy baby, so even though I could watch him or her ALL DAY LONG, I am happy not to have one. :)

Until next time . . .

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