Monday, February 28, 2011

Nora - 18 Months!

My my my my MY how time absolutely flies!

Well, our little 18 month old is definitely in full fledged TODDLER MODE! She fake cries, changes her mood in an instant, but is still totally soothed by a cup of milk. Well, when she feels like it!

New this month is her interest in cleaning. She loves to "help" do the laundry now that the mud room is safe for her to be in, and she also carries around this broom that her daddy made out of one of our old brooms:

She uses it to pretend to sweep, which is really funny since her idea of sweeping is running with the broom dragging behind her. She is also intentionally making messes so she can help clean them up - banging her milk cup on the floor so she can get a towel and clean it up, or dumping out her ball pit so mommy will help her pick up. It's both frustrating and cute.

Her attention span is unusually long for her age, and as a result she is continuing to be very smart. She officially knows all her capitol letters, is working on the letter sounds, can spell her name, and can identify her name. We are also doing a few sight words like "cat", "mommy", "daddy", etc. People are usually very shocked at how much she knows, letter-wise. She also knows her numbers from 1-9.

We are also working on colors. She can identify blue and red and yellow (sometimes purple), and that's about it. She's come a long way since we started, especially since we don't work on colors very much.

Physically, she is doing great! I went ahead and moved her up to 24 month clothes, because when I came back from El Salvador I noticed she was too long for her 18 month jammies, and her 18 month pants were almost short. Funny thing was, I went to clean out her closet and see what 24 month clothes she has already . . . and nearly the entire closet was 24 month short-sleeved shirts! WHOA! I knew she had a lot, but I was kind of shocked to see how much she had. I had to move he pajama drawer to make room for them all! She also has a lot of skirts, but only one pair of shorts. :) When I put a short-sleeved shirt on her the other day, she kept trying to pull down the sleeves. Wait until she gets some sandals on again . . . :)

At the doctor this month she weighed in at 25 pounds, 13.5 oz. This is the 75th percentile for her age. Her height is . . . 33.5 inches! HO-LEE FRIJOLES!! lol She's in the 90th-95th percentile for height still. Everyone always asks if she is two - and when we went to visit at KinderCare last week, she was definitely the same height as the 2-year-olds!! It's crazy!

She still loves to dance. One of her new favorite shows is the "Fresh Beat Band". She used to watch it every once in awhile, but lately since her daddy has been working overtime she has been watching it everyday while I make dinner. The final song is always the same, and she tries to do the choreographed dance that goes along with it every day! It's really cute. As soon as it starts, she starts rolling her hands in a circle . . .

OK, now time of the biggest two pieces of news for the month. The first is . . . teeth are finally coming in! I can actually feel two molars on the bottom, which is awesome! :) I thought some may be coming in when I asked her the other day to show me her teeth and she did not point to the two she already has, but a random spot on her gums. Sure enough - that was one of them! Still none on top, but the doc says not to worry about it just yet.

The second piece of big news is that Nora peed on the potty already!! I couldn't believe it either. She started waking up dry from naps, so we started sitting her on the potty. And she DID IT! Three times in a row! It. Was. Awesome!!! I am over the moon about it. She continues to do it at least three times daily, which is great.

And that's all the news for our little girl. Happy 18 months Noranator!! :)

Until next time . . .

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