Thursday, February 24, 2011

Before and After Series - 1

Before and After Series - The Guest Bath

(The first photo - previous owners)

(Not long after we moved in - plain but temporary.)

What the before pictures do not show is that the grout was breaking out of the tile floor pretty badly. I previously mentioned that this is something that happened in 3 out of the 4 tiled floors in our house within two years after moving in. So that needed to be fixed for safety reasons.

Also, as you can see, this room was YELLOW. SO YELLOW! I liked how bright it was, but I am pretty well against "sunshine yellow" as a wall color. So we ended up keeping the yellow, but toning it down a lot.


This room's primary focus was to be a guest bath, and a kid's bathroom. So I wanted it to be fun and childish, while still going with the rest of the house in color scheme. I found the perfect shower curtain at Target, and used it as a basis for the entire room. (Side note about the shower curtain: the company accidentally packaged two curtains in the package and then marked the curtain down about 20%. So I ended up with two curtains for the sale price of one.) Also my daughter just recently started getting interested in potty training, so when I saw that the cheapest little potty at Wal-Mart was a frog . . . well, I may have just been a little excited.

Also, recently I ended up deciding to finish an art project I started for this room a long time ago. When we painted this room, just for fun I made the owl pictured below out of construction paper. I had no idea what I was going to do with it. However, I made a trip to a thrift store and saw the frame. Suddenly, the art was formed in my head. A flat canvas, a thrift store frame, a construction paper owl, some ribbon, and some Modge Podge later . . .

. . . "art."

The next picture is of our new floor, which is one of my favorite things about this room. I love the light tile and dark grout. Even better because it's not coming apart! Safe for the little feet running around on it.

You may be wondering why I picked this room to document first. This is the ONLY room in our house that I feel like I can say is mostly "done". There is nothing in it that truly bothers me, and I have no plans to change anything in it. Now, that does not mean that there is nothing I would change if given the opportunity - in fact I would change the entire vanity/sink given unlimited money. Also, we have plans to buy new vent registers and door knob/hinge hardware for the entire house at some point. Also there is virtually no storage in either bathroom, which is tricky to work with. However . . . that's about it. I like everything else about this room.

All Done! :) Guest bath: check!

Until next time . . .

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