Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Bucket List Update

Well, first of all:

I married this stinker 7 years ago TODAY. (Lately I have been dreaming of Hawaii, so I thought I would post this honeymoon picture.) What a great 7 years it has been! I am so blessed to be married to him. Happy Anniversary to us!

I thought I would go ahead and update the Bucket List. Here it is:

1. Go to the museum of transportation
2. Build a swing set
3. Go to the pool at least ten times
4. Go to a baseball game
5. Go to a festival and ride rides
6. Go to the farmer’s market
7. Go to the library
8. Go to an outdoor movie
9. Nora/Daddy Date to the zoo
10. PB and J Festival
11. Nora/Mommy Date to Splash City
12. Celebrate Dad’s 30th Birthday
13. Celebrate Nora’s 3rd Birthday
14. Meet Nora’s new cousin
15. See fireworks
16. Have a yard sale
17. Get new porches
18. Drink a fun fruity or coffee drink
19. Go get Snow-cones or Tropical Sno
20. Have a movie day with a fort and pillows in the living room
21. Pick out a baby crib
22. Slip-n-slide
23. Visit all the grandparents
24. KBK
25. Pick Nora’s preschool
26. Go to TWIST
27. Do something messy with three or more kids
28. Go to the beach at least five times
29. Go meet daddy for lunch
30. Go up in the arch

So, we are right on track to finish this by the end of summer, barring any pregnancy or monetary complications. :) YAY!

I have been forgetting my camera a lot lately, so there's not too much I can show you from our Bucket List. But below are some random pics I have been wanting to post. Enjoy!

Family Reunion, June 2012

Our "little" Nora has learned to write her name! (The first picture she copied entirely on her own, the second one I only helped her with the "R".) It's legible too! We are so very proud of her, she worked so hard on this.

Until next time . . .

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