Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer Bucket List - Post Five

Wow. Just wow. This past weekend was an absolute blast and I would do it again in a heartbeat, but WOW.

Our weekend went something like this:
*Friday - Make last minute decision to go to the pool, get a "Pedicure for a Purpose" while Nora plays at the park with Mimi, and then go out to dinner.
*Saturday - Go to an incredibly hot family picnic at the park, then a long - but super-fun - birthday party that lasts well past naptime.
*Sunday - Spend morning cutting fruit (and having to enlist the help of my husband to do it!), helping throw my sister's baby shower, and then resting for a bit before heading out again to get dinner at the festival in town.
*Sunday night - Sitting on the couch, sore as can be!

In the course of all of that, we were able to check three different things off the bucket list:
Go to the pool ten times - Check another box!
Go get Tropical Sno - Check!
Go to a festival and ride the rides - Check!

Here are some photos from the festival (which is the only time I remembered my camera):

Until next time . . .

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