Monday, April 2, 2012

Nora's Latest "Update"

Things to remember about Nora at this age:

"smarshmellows" instead of marshmellows
She makes up her own songs.
favorite color: "aquamarine" :)
loves her bunny scarf from Grandma Pat
loves snowmen

"My fingers are too little to stick in the toilet. And this finger is too little. And this finger is too little too."
"mommy, I'm thirsty! Tengo hombre!"
"who's crying? the purple?"

Me: Nora, let me play with your hair.
Nora: no.
Me: pleeeeeease?
Nora: no.
Me: I just want to play with it.
Nora: it's not a toy.

Nora just told me her soccer ball has "1, 2, 3, 4 polka dots and 1, 2, 3, 4 octagons." :)

"OH NO! The purple one fell on her bump!" :)

Me: Nora do you know what you want to be when you grow up?
Nora: Ummmm . . .
Me: A doctor?
Nora: Nope.
Me: A teacher?
Nora: Nope:
Me: Well what would you like to be?
Nora: I just gonna be a Nora.

Nora: I want some chocolate.
Me: Really? (She doesn't like chocolate, and will tell you so!)
Nora: Yeah.
Me: You sure?
Nora: YEAH!
Me: OK. (I give her a Hershey Kiss. She licks it, makes a face, and gives it back.)
Nora: It's too chocolate.

Nora just told me she wants to help me at "making flour" (baking). :)

i just asked Nora what she wanted for Christmas. Her response: "a star, and a moon, and a snowman." she aims high! :)

i made toast with Nutella for breakfast this morning. Nora asks me "Mommy, what you eating?" I said "Toast, you want a bite?" She says "No, it's too muddy." :)

Nora sees that daddy is watching football.
Nora: "Baseballllll! I wuv baseball! Yay baseball!"
Cory: "It's football Nora."
Nora: "Football!! Yay footballlllllll!" :)

We went to her first concert: The Fresh Beat Band!

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