Saturday, April 28, 2012

Baby Update - 12 weeks

Tuesday I had a doctor's appointment to check the baby for any potential delivery complications. This involved an ultrasound that was not supposed to be "very exciting". It turned out that the baby was not in the correct position to get the measurements they were looking for, so I got to basically just got gooped up so that I could watch him or her move around for about a half hour. BEST. ULTRASOUND. EVER!! :)

The heart rate checked in at 166. The baby measured 3 inches from head to rump. There's not much gong on with the little "legs" yet, but the hands were waving around a lot. They spent a lot of time trying to get him or her to turn so that they could get a good measurement, but they were unable to get an ideal one.

Here are the pictures I got:

Full body shot, head to the right.

Head and hand shot.

I have been feeling good. I had some stomach pain last week that freaked me out, but ended up being nothing to worry about. I think I am starting to get out of that first trimester sickness and tiredness - it's kind of come-and-go at the moment. I haven't gained weight consistently this time around like I did last time, and I attribute that to the high amount of Levothyroxin they have me on. I had bloodwork for both my thyroid and hormone levels on Tuesday as well, and I assume that both of those were normal because I didn't get a "bad news call". (Whew!) That's about it! Until next time . . .

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