Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

We just got back from our third trip in three weeks, and I'm pooped!! I mentioned that we went to Nebraska and Texas, but this past weekend was Easter and we spent it out of town as well in Valparaiso, IN at Cory's aunt and uncle's house. It was a great time, but I dealt all weekend with these horrible allergies. IT. HAS. BEEN. AWFUL!! This year truly is bad allergy-wise - poor Nora is inside more than I care to admit. She has seen the inside of every PlayPlace in the Midwest while all her friends are out enjoying the nice weather at parks. This weekend she finally got in some decent "outside time" with daddy, Nana, her cousins, and some new friends. It was GREAT!

I wish I hadn't forgotten my camera, but I did snap a few pics with Cory's iPhone of the Easter Egg Hunt and some other fun moments. (This was officially Nora's first Egg Hunt!)

Riding verrrrrrrrry slowly on the tiny 4-wheeler with Uncle Mike.

Pre-Egg Hunt CHEESE!

Pretty girl! (This is probably only the fifth time she has ever worn a nice dress like this. Mom fail! lol)

Annnnnd, we're off on the hunt!

Looking . . .

Getting some help from daddy . . .

She got the hang of things quickly.

Nora brought home her body weight in candy and also added a lot of change to her piggy bank. She was so excited to open every egg, even though she is not a fan of jelly beans or chocolate. She did end up randomly eating part of a peanut butter/chocolate egg, much to my surprise! But of course - in true Nora fashion - she swallowed 3/4 of it and then wanted to spit out the rest. What a goofy girl! :)

Until next time . . .

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