Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer Busket List - Post Nine (SPLASH CITY!)

Take Mommy on a date to Splash City - Check!

This was our first trip to the water park in our area. We have never been here because it has always been "too far away" (but really only 40 minutes, or so. Don't judge.) Plus, I was not sure how I would like it - I hate crowds, and taking our child in crowds makes me even more nervous.

BUT - I am very glad we went. :) Nora and I had a fantastic time, and it wasn't too crowded at all. I fee like we got more than our money's worth in activities, and both of us were able to have fun. Nora's favorite activity? The lazy river (she's her momma's kid!) We were able to fit into a tube together (shockingly!) and we had a great time going around and around, snuggled up together. Watching this preggo momma getting in and out of the tube was probably hilarious, but - what can ya do. :)

Up the steps . . .

. . . and back down.

Mostly she just ran through the fountains and sat in the water.


And a pretzel with cheese too. :)

In case you are interested, here is an updated Bucket List with a few random photos:
1. Go to the museum of transportation
2. Build a swing set
3. Go to the pool at least ten times
4. Go to a baseball game
5. Go to a festival and ride rides
6. Go to the farmer’s market
7. Go to the library
8. Go to an outdoor movie
9. Nora/Daddy Date to the zoo
10. PB and J Festival
11. Nora/Mommy Date to Splash City
12. Celebrate Dad’s 30th Birthday

The man is a bowling rockstar. :)

13. Celebrate Nora’s 3rd Birthday
14. Meet Nora’s new cousin
15. See fireworks
16. Have a yard sale
17. Get new porches
18. Drink a fun fruity or coffee drink
19. Go get Snow-cones or Tropical Sno
20. Have a movie day with a fort and pillows in the living room
21. Pick out a baby crib

It's changed a little from this design, but the room is coming along . . .

22. Slip-n-slide
23. Visit all the grandparents
24. KBK
25. Pick Nora’s preschool
26. Go to TWIST
27. Do something messy with three or more kids
28. Go to the beach at least five times
29. Go meet daddy for lunch
30. Go up in the arch

Until next time . . .

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