Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer Bucket List - Post Eight (KBK!)

Whew! I LOVE Kids Bible Kamp so very very VERY much, but I must admit that I am so relieved it's over. It's as fun as they come, but it's also exhausting! Nora and I spent the week sleep-walking around, and I still don't feel like we are fully recovered . . .

BUT - this year was super-special because Pastor Rodolfo and Wendy came from our partner church in El Salvador (which I visited in 2011.) It was such a gift and a blessing to have them here for KBK. They infused us all with their love and excitement and passion, and ended up inspiring us all AND touching the kids' lives in the process.

One example of this is that the older kids spend part of each day at KBK in a "Missions" tent, learning about how Christians are impacting the world through organizations like Compassion International, missionaries, and projects like "Turn on the Tap". They get to learn what their church is specifically doing in other parts of the world, which includes talking about our partnership with the church in El Salvador - and this year actually physically meeting the Pastor of the church and his wife. The kids are encouraged while they are in the tent to give "what they can" to an offering that will be donated to the missions that Metro supports (because you can't possibly do everything, but you can DO SOMETHING.) Last year the kids gave about $1300 to Missions. This year the goal was $2012. The kids raised $4012!! Even typing that makes me cry. What a huge HUGE blessing these kids have been this year.

Nora and I, on the other hand, spent our week inside! I was with the two year olds, and Nora was with the three year olds. I love working with the two's, so I had a very good time - we had an excellent group of kids. :) Nora made friends in the three's room, and ended up making me so very proud by being a good friend and just doing so well up there without me. (It made me feel a little better about preschool this fall too.)

Then, on Thursday was the carnival! It was SOOOOOO hot, and I was pretty sore and kind of hobbled around the place, but we had a great time and enjoyed the show. :) Nora was tired, hot, and cranky, but she could have played games and jumped in the bounce house all night long. :) It was a seriously great time.

Sunday Pastor Rodolfo and Wendy spoke at church, and then Cory and I attended their farewell dinner. I can't believe that they have come and gone already! But I love the relationship our churches have together, and I look forward to going back to El Salvador to see them someday.

Here are some photos I took on carnival night. (One of these days I will realize that I have an iPhone now, which means I have a camera 24-7 as well! Ah well.):

Until next time . . .

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