Thursday, July 5, 2012

House Update - The Outside #2

Awhile ago I mentioned that we were starting work on the outside of our house. We started in the backyard with a shed and then a swing set, and now the big job has been started: the front porch.

This was our house about 6-8 weeks ago, before we got started.

Since that photo was taken, the porch and landscaping have all been taken out, the hubbs has power-washed the exterior for the first time, and he painted our shutters blue. Also, we are having a drought and since we are being encouraged to conserve water, all the grass is pretty well dead. (But what can ya do? It happens.) This is what it currently looks like:

Everything is gone! Also, we are now looking at a clean exterior and beautiful shutters. :)

I love the shutters a LOT! This is the first time EVER that the color that I had in my head actually matches the paint we bought. :) It looks great!

The porch and front-yard patio space are next. We had to re-do our original design to due to cost and overall boring-ness, but we have two better and more economical options that we are pricing out right now. I will keep you all updated!

Until next time . . .

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