Wednesday, July 18, 2012

25 Week Update - "The Baby Files"

How far along? 25 weeks

Maternity clothes?Yeppers. I am ready for fall clothes though. :)

The belly progress: STICKING OUT! :)

Sleep: I sleep well most of the time. Sometimes the baby keeps me awake, and usually I have to get up and pee two or three times before we are both calm enough to sleep! I try not to move around too much in bed because of my sore muscle issues.

Cravings: No big cravings still. I have been eating healthier snacks, and I love tomatoes and salads more than ever. I guess the biggest cravings are tomatoes with cottage cheese and cucumbers.

Best moment this month: 1.) Nora felt the baby kick. :) 2.) We had a 24-week ultrasound to check to see if our baby has Cystic Fibrosis or not. All looked GOOD! Praise God for that!

Movement: This is an active child, with hard swift kicks that are mostly aimed DOWN! Movement still seems to come in half hour long spurts.

Gender: This pregnancy is WAYYY different than Nora's, which leads me to think it's a boy. It is possible the ultrasound tech may have slipped the gender by accident . . . but I didn't clarify so I still have no idea.

Labor Signs: Ninguno, gracias a Dios!

What I miss: Nothing!

Weekly Wisdom: Nora knows this is a big deal. She needs some extra mommy-lovin' really often right now. I have to work harder at not getting short with her when I am extra-tired.

What Stereotype I Embody: Complain-About-Every-Little-Pain-I-Have, Cry-About-Every-Little-Thing-That-Makes-Me-Sad (still)

What I Bought This Week: We have been buying! A new breast pump, a crib, a mattress, a monitor, and other various little things. I need fall clothes to hit stores so I can buy some warm clothes for this kid.

What I Checked off my To-Do List: Picking out a crib, buying frames for the wall art. Also, I sorted through all of Nora's baby stuff and washed all the clothes I am definitely using again. That was overwhelming, but it's done now. :)

24 week Ultrasound Photo:

I think the baby looks a lot like Nora in this photo! I love this profile picture so much. This baby has a round head and belly that I can't wait to cuddle! :)

Also, as previously stated, this ultrasound was normal! The "possible echogenic bowel" looked fine to everyone. The baby's heart rate was 145. I got to see him or her kick my very FULL bladder! :o The ultrasound tech may have let the baby's gender slip at one point as well. I purposefully didn't clarify with her what she said - we will find out in 15 more weeks! :)

Until next time . . .

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