Sunday, August 21, 2011

"Make a Mess Party" - Nora's 2nd Birthday Party

For Nora's 2nd birthday we did something a little different!

The invitations arrived saying "Messes will be made!" THEY WERE!! :)

This was such a fun party. Nora had a blast! She spent most of her time squeezing glue out of the bottles. :)

She did get to paint like I promised she would! She was begging to paint all month long.

She loved eating cupcakes . . .

. . . blowing out candles (she practiced for this - and actually got one out!) . . .

. . . and opening gifts.

And even though there was a little bit of rain at the end, the mud-pie making, shaving cream, painting, tissue paper art, sand, markers, tattoos, and water play "clean-up" was fun for all. :)

Until next time! . . .

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Jaycie and Randy said...

What an awesome party!! Happy Birthday Nora!!