Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ch-Ch-Changes . . .

Well, change is on the horizon here at the Whitaker house in the month of August. After a very busy summer, school is about to begin around here in a few days, and that means that I "go back to work".

First of all, I am gong to start watching two new kids this month. I have another two year old little girl -E- who will be here daily (and is also an absolute DOLL, by the way). I also will have an 8 week-old infant that will start at the end of the month for three half days. Also, we are still trying to figure out if I will continue to watch -L-, the little girl I have been watching for a very long time now. The school district around here has seriously cut bus stops and we are trying to figure out how I will get her to her much-further-away bus stop every day - when I will have three other kids (ages 2 and under) in tow and I drive a little Dodge Neon! I have no idea how i can get her there, but we are making an effort to figure it out. Any ideas blogland? :) I wish I had room in the car to just throw everyone in there, but no such luck.

Also, Kelsey's room is DONE, she is partially moved in, and she will be officially living here as of this week. Here are some photos of how the basement looks now:

Kelsey's room, partially moved in.

Dining/entertainment area. Looks pretty "dorm-y" to me. :)

And of course the messy playroom is still here. :)

Cory is busy lately with the 9-11 Memorial Garden that his fire department is creating in honor of the ten year anniversary coming up. This past Saturday he went to work on it and Nora came out to "help":

She's such a good helper. :)

We are also preparing for Nora's birthday party which is already almost here! I cannot believe she is almost two. It's almost too much for me to stand. We are planning a really neat birthday party, so stay tuned for that post!! :)

Until next time . . .

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