Sunday, June 19, 2011

Summer Decor

Hey all! Just thought I would post some pictures of my summer decor. It's nothing too big or exciting - I have been going through a medical issue and so I haven't had time to focus on much else.

I put new fabric in the large frames on my wall. I wanted to try some detailed fabric this time, so unfortunately it's a little difficult for you all to see in the pictures. The blue one is navy with light brown stars on it. The red one I think you can see OK, but it's dark read with light brown stripes. I used a little of that fabric to cut a table runner as well.

On my shelves, we start with a wreath I made from this tutorial. It was super-easy and I think I will make another one sometime. The "USA", stars, and "Red, white, and blue" are decorations that I had already. I also had the black fabric-covered frame, which is magnetic. I made a magnetic pennant banner to go on it, and cut out some simple frames for Nora's summer pictures.

The mantle is basically the same for now, I just added some blue to it so it would go with the theme. :)

I kept with the red, white, and blue theme for Cory's Father's Day gift as well. I saw this arrangement and decided that Cory would enjoy something like this for Father's Day. Plus, it was in our price range! So here's the one I made:

I hope you like all this. If you know me, it is perhaps the simplest decor I have come up with yet. :) But I really like it's simplicity!

Until next time . . .


Jaycie and Randy said...

You are so festive!! Love the stars wreath!! Hope all is ok with your health...

Brandy said...

It turned out fantastic! Thanks so much for sending me your link! I love the rustic brown stars that you added to your wreath as well.