Monday, June 20, 2011

Nora's 22 Month Update

If you saw my last post about Nora, you know that this month has already had some huge milestones! No more binky anymore, and we moved her to her toddler bed. She is still doing great with both! She does still ask for the binky sometimes, but has yet to throw a fit when I tell her no. We are so very proud.

Also when we last left you, I was up in the air about whether or not to put Nora in underwear. Well . . . I did. She has been in undies for six days now. The first two days she had no accidents, the second two days she has had two accidents each day, and the last two days we got through almost accident-free - that is until tonight when one snuck up on her. She just hates anything potty-related, and she always has, so we are just doing our best to make it fun. Things will improve as she gets better at telling me when she has to go and as I get better at being patient with her.

She talks so much now. And. It's. Hilarious!! Here are some of my favorite things that she says:
"I gotta weeb.". (i've got a leaf.)
"I know! I know!"
"I toot!" (followed by a giggle)
"Pee pee go IN. THE. POTTY!"

She loves to sing and do finger plays with me. She has also started improvising songs which is SO funny! When we are on our way to visit someone, she will sing their name to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star". For example, I heard the "Mimi" version and the "Babies - Shawn" version just last week. She also loves to sing songs she hears on TV. She can sing the Wonder Pets songs pretty well!

The girl also looooves to "talk" on the phone. She doesn't get that the other person on the line can't see her - more than once I have told her to "say hi" and she just stands there and waves at the phone. But she will call and talk to anyone, so feel free to call her! :)

Lately she has been a little possessive, which is new and different for me to deal with. She is sometimes possessive about her toys, but she has also been telling her friends that I am HER mommy. Hopefully she gets past that!

Until next time . . .

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Jaycie and Randy said...

It is amazing how time goes so fast and brings so many changes!! Way to go on such a BIG month!!