Monday, April 18, 2011

Massive Reorganization

Last month I did a little spring cleaning. It was nothing big and (quite honestly) only a little better than my normal cleaning routine.

Something just didn't feel right about my house. It felt yucky to me even after I had cleaned it! Then I figured it out: what was bugging me wasn't the dirt or dust (or lack thereof.) What was bugging me was the lack of organization. All the little "piles". The lack of a clear workspace. All the thrown together junk.

So, I did some research and I stumbled upon this tutorial. I fell in LOVE with the blog that it came from as well. My goodness, this lady is amazing! So I decided to try out some of her blog tips for myself. I am calling it


OK, so not a very clever title, but I have been on Benadryl for about a week. Please forgive me.

I am starting in my kitchen, and it's actually almost done. All I have left to do is label, label, label! I promise to show some pictures next week of all the progress I have made. :)

Until then! . . .

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jen said...

I am in the middle of this as well. Some spots, was even ashamed to do 'before' photos! lol. But yes, I will be with you in prayer as I have been doing this for a month now... and whew, once you scratch the surface you just want to DO IT ALL! ;)